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343 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A4


Vets Plus More


Vets Plus More


From Vets Plus More

Whether you've got a sick pet or an urgent veterinary question, there's now an app to help! The easy to use Vets Plus More app gives you access to a certified, 4+ star-rated vet, where you can video chat or text your queries and concerns and get immediate expert advice. Providing piece of mind when you need it, Vets Plus More lets you determine whether an emergency vet visit is needed and will help you get your dog the help he needs by finding the location of the nearest emergency clinic in your area. The app stores your pet's medical history for easy access, helps you find a local vet, and even provides vaccination and appointment reminders. The app can be downloaded for free and a six-month subscription can be purchased for just $60.


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