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Shed Defender Onesie


Shed Defender Onesie


Shed Defender Onesie


From Shed Defender

A practical solution to controlling your dog's shedding; the patent-pending Shed Defender fully contains the dog hair within the lightweight, breathable, stretchy onesie. It is made of a unique eco-friendly fiber, partly recycled fabric, and has a zipper on the underside which allows you to easily unzip it when the dog needs to go to the bathroom. Easy to put on and take off; once you take it off just shake it out or throw it in the dryer to remove the hair. Its form fitting feature allows the dog to move around comfortably; use in the car or house, replace the medical cone, or keep your dog warm. Prices from $49.99.

  • Sizes mini to xx-large
  • Variety of colours available


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