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The best recommendations of food and fun products for your Modern Dog to try and love!

Flavorit Peanut Butter "Bone"


Flavorit Peanut Butter "Bone"


Flavorit Peanut Butter "Bone"


From Pet Qwerks

Engineered for aggressive chewers in mind, the Flavorit bone by Pet Qwerks is made of nylon infused with human-grade peanut butter flavoring. The unique concave design has tiny flavour cells molded into both sides so you can fill it with peanut butter, cheese, cream cheese, or any other spreadable treat your dog prefers. The tiny flavour cells hold just enough spread to lure your dog to chew, but not so much that they're getting too many calories or sugar. Giving your dog non-edible bones also massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth. A double-yummy and drool-worthy bone your dog will love!

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Works all kinds of spreads but can also be chewed on without adding spread

  • Available in two sizes


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